Writing update/series title

Writing is underway for the second book, The Infernal Descent which is becoming more and more brutal and terrifying that originally conceived.  Expect to some heavy action as well as some emotionally stressing scenes.  What can you expect from an installment called, “The infernal Descent”?

Another to expect, those who have read the first book, will be the return of some familiar faces.  That’s right, some character we said goodbye to will return for this epic next story.  Don’t worry, I won’t trick you and say that it’s a dead character seen in a flashback chapter, no that’s just not my style to do that, but with knowing that you can use process of elimination to figure who will appear. It might surprise you. That’s all I’ll say for now regarding that manner.

If you don’t know yet, there will be four books in this apocalyptic fantasy (The Last Archangel being the first book and Infernal Descent the second). I’m been balancing two different names to dub this collection: The Armageddon War Chronicles or The Books of Hellearth.

The Armageddon War Chronicles/Books of Hellearth

  •  The Last Archangel
  •  The Infernal Descent
  • The _____________
  • The _____________

I bet a few of you are dying to know what will happen and what the next ones will be called.  I obviously can’t tell you yet because That give plot points away, but you will not be disappointed

You can go the official Facebook page to vote for which name you like better.

Armageddon War Chronicles or The Books of Hellearth?




Author Presentation at Local Elementary School

Today I was asked to appear at Halstead Elementary school in Copperas Cove, Texas.  I spoke to a 3rd grade class about writing, being creative and staying true to your imagination.  I emphasized the importance of writing for yourself, writing what you love and expressing yourself through the forms of human art.

The children were so attentive and asked so many wonderful questions. I was quite moved by how well they listened and were fascinated with what I had to say.  This has been one of the most joyous days for me, especially when I look back on the many years up to this point.  Leave it to a child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn, to bring you out of a dark place.


TLA audiobook is streaming.

Good day to all, I’m happy to announce that a video for my novel’s audiobook is now streaming on youtube. Now unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to hire great actors like Alfred Molina, Christopher Lee and John Hurt to do the voice work. Instead you have me.  Which I hope I did an ok job.  Did I mention that when I was thirteen I wanted to pursue a career in Voice acting. Nah that’s not important. So far the video is of the Author forward and Prologue. Not a whole lot happens voice wise, but in the next chapters there will be some fun. I get into characters really well sometimes and I like to switch back and forth. You’ll see.

Now this might bug some people but every so often you might here my voice slur as if I’m trying to perform a London accent. It is not intentional, but It has always been a slight habit when I read my book aloud, as the writing itself is done in that sort of context.  I try to make the reading of the text more profound and not completely like myself.  Don’t judge me. Ok it’s fine if you do.

Here’s the link to the video: [link]

I hope you enjoy it.
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so long for long my, peeps, minions and droogs.
much love



Locals Author fest was a success!

So I just got back from my area’s Local author fest and I must it was really something.  Met a lot of really cool and helpful writers.  i got to speak and talk about my book, my upcoming projects and a little of myself.  I was by far the youngest there (22) with everyone else being no younger than 26; with majority being above 40.  I felt like the fifth wheel for a bit, as this was my first appearance of this event and they had returnees from the previous years.  I had fun and met a lot of talented individuals.


To criticize Art in its many forms…

I find it bothersome when other people try to criticize forms of art, stating that, “Oh so-and-so isn’t an artist.” Or “That isn’t art.”…

Art is art; it is pure expression.  It is extended through our creativity and inspirational moments.  We cannot weigh in on the potency of a person’s ingenuity, as we wouldn’t know what truly inspires a person unless you analyze and comprehend their work.  Now with that being said, there are indeed different levels of art quality.  The same could be said in music.  As I’ve said before, modern country music lacks originality and individualism.  That’s little more than an opinion as majority of the songs in that genre use the same four chords, therefore, the melodies, harmonies and even rhythms tend to be the same.  Now see how I don’t label the genre as bad.  I just break down what is true.  It can be true to state that classical and jazz musicians are the most versatile, as they are trained to the point of optimum, musical efficiency; to understand and perform whatever is given to them.  That is fact.  The point of the matter, besides my rambles, is people become too subjective and condemning when harassing an artist or genre of music.  If you are one of these people, saying that, “Oh Rap sucks. That’s not music.” , then more than likely the same is being said about your preferences regarding music.  I’m ashamed to admit I was like that at one point in my life.  I decided to broaden my horizons.  I was able to welcome in more positivity and beauty through diversity than I was before my days as a shallow and closed-off musician/artist.  Try it sometime.  Try to see the beauty in something that you may have not before, but understand why others find this “hidden meaning” in the things you don’t understand.  The same goes for art, religion, literature, philosophy and human understanding.


Many people need to accept the fact that there will be musicians who play just to play; others play for success; some play for others.  Yes, there are the few who in the pop industries that were designed to be products of marketability before respectful musicians.  These are the ones who put image, style, sex-appeal, status and marketability before talent, authenticity, originality and substance.  True artists were never ones to do this, yet in this modern world we label these people as “recording artists”.  It will appear that I am contradicting myself in this discussion, but once again I did not state in my own voice that the “art” they create is bad or good, I simply reinstated my remark for judging quality.  As art is defined by a personal struggle for identity, pop artists are commissioned through a group of many; multiple minds aiming to capture and exploit a premise for profit.  Ironically, there is an art to manipulating the masses into thinking that this or that is original music/art.  While trying to interpret these accusations, I also have to remember that everything I said is contextualized in the form of one man’s opinion.

—The Author


Local Authors Fest!

Hey there minions, the beloved author of The Last Archangel, Trevor Gates, will be making an appearance at the Lampasas, Texas 3rd Annual Local Author Fest on Saturday, January 19 at the Lampasas Public Library.  I’ll be talking about my book and promoting myself while meeting other fellow authors.  If you are in town that day, or want to swing by and say hi, then I advise that you do so.  This will be my first appearance at this Author fest so please come and support all the hard working (and struggling) writers in your area.

Check out the Facebook link for The Lampasas Public Library.




The Hobbit was remarkable.

The Hobbit was really damn great. I now appreciate having a new fantasy trilogy to look forward to, knowing that Jackson & Co. are adding the stories and characters we thought we would never see on film: Radagast, the Battle of Mirkwood, etc. Say what you will, I loved it.   For those of you concerned that there will be three film parts…Don’t be! I mean really it’s not so bad when you think about. Let’s just think about it. It was originally going to be two films, right? Yeah we can tolerate that, milk the excitement of a prequel…BUT then we hear of it being made into a trilogy. This worried a lot of people–including myself–with how it could be done, as the book isn’t that long or voluptuous in epicness compared to the LotRs. Was Peter Jackson making a mistake? Was it too much?

No, I believe it wasn’t. I saw The Hobbit today and I was left satisfied, but still wanting more. Why did they decide to do three movies? Many agree and say that it was for money, and of course it is. I mean the entertainment industry isn’t some charity, giving us incredible artists and storytellers for free. We know that, but we have to be thankful that the person put in charge to deliver us this entertainment is a master storyteller and artist, with an equal number of talented individuals to bring this fantasy to life. They proved themselves with the LotR, and they will do it again. It doesn’t even sound right to mention if this Film is Jackson’s “Phantom of the Menace”, because unlike that atrocious film, this is done by the same group of people and the same like-minded filmmakers from only a decade ago.

People also forget that by having three films, we can look forward to returning to middle earth with both new and familiar characters. Along with that, The Lord of the Rings story on film is told differently than the book story (as I’m sure many noticed and learned from the DVD appendices, revealing the change of chronological order of events) In doing this, they took into account what needed to be told in the hobbit, with the exciting knowledge of having stories and characters from LotRs appendix stories, Lost tales and unused portions of LotR. Honestly I love that. Do you know why? Because, Have you ever sat through a series of films and wish it never end? I know I do. Others on here said that this first installment was too long, while others said they thought it wasn’t long enough; others said they enjoyed every minute. We love that there is more to see, to experience and watch. After watching the Extended versions of the LotR, I can never go back and see the theatrical, for those reasons.

Which I would like to point out that it’s a challenge to adapt any story to film. It seems when people say, “oh the book was better. Why did they change that.” or “The movie worked better, i like that they added that.” they forget that books and films are two similar bit very different things. There are things you can do in books that you cannot do in films and vice-versa. I respect the team of Jackson, Boyens, and Walsh for deconstructing the flow or the original story to match what they presented on screen. The Hobbit fits in perfectly with the Film adaptations of LotRs. I look forward to the next installments.

After the credits rolled for the Hobbit, I had a sweeping flashback to when i attended my first viewing of The fellowship of the ring, back in 2001… I was 11 when i saw it and it was astounding. Being 22 now, It was like I would be reliving the experience of attending, awaiting and enjoying this epic fantasy film trilogy, just like The Lord of the Rings, which for books, films and such has defined many generations to come as THE fantasy to which all fantasies are compared to.

[Remember this, all people giving negativity and frowny faces: Don't be so critical. WE have a live action Hobbit movie. Could somebody do better? possibly, but NOT in my opinion. The booger and belch jokes? C'mon that was funny, THEY'RE DWARVES ! Gimli, Merry, and Pippin prepped us for some immature silliness. It's all good.]

Now, excuse me for my rant. I’m going to go watch it three more times…today.

…oh yeah that Goblin King totally had a zit-covered Ballsack for a chin.

—The Author, for better or worse


School shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

It is a tragic and painful day.  I cannot imagine how the families might feel right now, but I wish them better days.  A another school shooting. This time in an elementary school. This is disturbing and utterly devastating. The majority of all school shooting and crimes committed in this country were with the affiliated obtaining firearms legally. These horrid acts of violence occur so rarely in other countries. When they do it is through illegal activity. We as a country have the highest rate of school shootings. I’m not saying that other countries in the world do not suffer from this issue, but it is the unresolved mentality regarding the issue itself that plagues our society. Then again, in the long run, nothing has changed in our design. We are destined to kill each other; to devour and condemn. It raises questions of morality and ethics. As we shall hate and loathe the one that has taken away children from the earth, maybe in his eyes he thought what he was doing was right. It seems that in the hands of good and evil, they both possess a coin: each with two sides. They world way be getting worse, but it is far from ever being pure.

My friend Frank added to this discussion: “What no one else realizes is most or all of the people that have committed random school shootings were ON OR OFF psych drugs/medications, if anyone is gonna blame anything it’s the doctors or psychiatrists that have given these people drugs that has warped their, look up every shooting in the passed 20 years and most or all were on psychological drugs…Any body has the opportunity to kill, they don’t need guns, guns aren’t issue, I could find a few household cleaning products and make chlorine gas, which will melt eyes and lungs out , but I’m not psychotic and wont go doing that at a school, guns aren’t the issue , people are, like seriously gun control isn’t going to do anything it’s jut going to take away the rights of the people who follow it, if anyone is to blame its that motherfuckers doctor!!!”

in regard to my friends’ insights I commented with this: That is a good point to add. While many are on what you say, then there are the one who have psychological and mental disorders. Oddly enough, many times the information of knowing if the suspects were or were not on medications is kept from the public by the media.now that you mention the gun control issue, i checked this; handguns and firearms are mostly illegal in the UK, be GODDAMN do they have a shitload of knife crime. I will say this: Gun control and laws just cannot be put aside and be deemed “not the issue, that crazy fucker and his doctor is”. It’s still an issue. And given that anyone can kill, and anyone can use certain household items and farm tools, the majority of the killings are done by firearms. That fact cannot be ignored. I do appreciate your insight. I mean, I rarely have an opinion on this issue, so I will naturally be misinformed on the matter.

My friend Teresa brought up something else: “The world is starting to turn into a really shitty place. Humans seem to only know how to destroy themselves & everything else around them whether its nature, animals, or even innocent elementary kids… Sometimes I feel like the world should come to an end & hopefully can regrow after all the evils been washed out, but that’s just an opinion.”

I commented on this: As I am inclined to agree, I will comment and say this: The world has always been a cruel and evil place. It is the act of chaos that balances the muck and desolation. We as humans are designed to harm and devour each other. It is solely true when you compare this to the way we grow up in a time of callous dissemination. Coming to an end is what the world always needs once it reaches the boiling point; like a cleansing bath.

She responded, (Teresa) :”That’s why I sort of believe in December 21st or just the end in general. We kind of fucked ourselves honestly. If our own evil doesn’t eat us all alive, I’m kinda guessing some sort of natural disaster we caused with pollution is gonna happen. & who knows where we go from there

With that, My closing statement was this:  As every generation, if not each century, has some defining moment that can be considers a global tragedy (e.g. the holocaust, 9/11, the American civil war, Rwandan genocide etc) that ushers in a time of peace of reconstructive stimulation. Something in the near future will catapult another serials of misfortunes that will realign the human condition. It’s like having an artist perfect and over saturate an amazing painting to the point of it being ugly, then after the artist has destroyed what could have been loved, an creative, untalented person stands into of an empty canvas, wondering what to do.

As the country mourns for this abominable crime, please consider this: Circumstances like this happen very often outside your world.  So much in fact, that for some cultures it’s a common occurrence.   Evil is here; It is everywhere.  The question should not be, “Where did it come from?”, but “Where is the good?”

—The Author.


The Last Archangel, version 2.0 is now available.

If you purchased and enjoyed the first edition of The Last Archangel then you will be please to hear that the 2nd edition is now available through the booksellers listed on this site. Version 2 is still the same book, but with added text and revised chapters. The first edition didn’t have the luxury of full editing and review, so I took the time to perfect my first novel with more elegance and form.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t checked it out, please do so when you can. This book is for fans of Dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic struggles and narratives revolving around the war between Heaven & Hell.

Tis the season to unleash the power of the archangels…oddly appropriate (or not) for this holiday season. If you want to give that special some a gritty book of vengeance, carnage, eternal love and angelic retribution, this this book is the perfect gift (More or less, I’m trying to be modest, ok it’s awesome. People told me so. Don’t judge..unless you read the book and you want to give me some constructive criticisms.)

Happy Holidays.
—–The Author.


11/18/12, 3:30am

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind, even so when the mind is beautiful, giving heed to unseen and miraculous visions that only one soul shall know…